Incontinence Supplies Knocking at your Doorstep!

Incontinence?  Need supplies for your condition?  Why would you want to leave your house, shop at a brick and mortar, and have to come back with huge packages home with?  We will deliver your order right at your doorstep and save you from the hassle!   This week’s promotion in particular is for all incontinence needs.  The coupon code to use is:  DELIVERY.

Incontinence, although sometimes part of growing old, is never an easy thing to deal with.  It is not only about the personal and emotional impact; it is also about the hassle of getting a hold of what you need to deal with the condition.    When you or someone you love suffers from incontinence you have to begin by figuring what type of incontinence supplies you will need to have at home.

Discount Medical Supplies has every solution for this problem and we can help you make the process more easily adjustable. No matter what you need, you will find it all in our incontinence category.  Among dozens of products you can find:

·         Tena Stretch Ultra Incontinent Brief by SCA Personal Care

·         Dry Comfort Bladder Control Pad Day Heavy 16 Inch by SCA Personal Care

·         Comfort Shield Barrier Cream Cloths by Sage Product


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