It’s Back Braces Week! 10% Off on all Back Braces

Back brace

Discount Medical Supplies brings you this week very special offer! During this week and ending on Sunday June 8h, we are offering a 10% off on all back braces. Yes, ALL back braces for order over $200, you can get a very special discount.

Back braces are used to contour and help align the back for patients, help provide rehabilitation for patients dealing with lower back pain. Back braces are a great tool for those who constantly deal with pain and are constantly trying to find ways to deal with the pain actively. It also help alleviate other ailments such as Low back ligament sprains, spondylolisthesis, muscle strain, among many others. Using a back brace enables people to lead a normal life as it promoted a faster recuperation while it is easing the pain. It protects and supports the lumbar spine. It is a very popular method of dealing with pain and discomfort, as it is noninvasive, and drug free.

A back brace provides for support also, helping the wearer achieve a comfortable and healthy position for a better recovery of the user. In our catalogue we have a variety of special back braces all design to accommodate different body shapes and needs. We invite you to browse our selection and find the back brace ideal for you.

So, for our customers interested in getting a back brace we have released this very special offer. To take advantage of the offer, at checkout when making your purchase, just simply enter the special coupon code “BACKBRACE”. You will receive a 10% off on all back braces in our catalogue on orders over $200. Hurry up as this is a very special offer, available only for a limited time as this deal expires on Sunday June 8th.