More Holiday Discounts!

holiday discounts

The Holidays have gotten all of us here at Discount Medical Supplies in a cheerful spirit, and to keep celebrating we want to spread the joy to all our customers in the form of sales and savings all through the month of December. For our physician and doctor customers we have an exclusive discount of 15% on any orders over $150 on our entire inventory. That’s for all the items in our store a great opportunity to get all the medical supplies that you and your practice might need.

Discount Medical Supplies proudly stands by its reputation of being the supplier of top quality medical supplies and equipment at the lowest possible price. Our mission if to bring the best service to our customers the tools that you need to provide your patient with the best possible care, settings and service possible. As you probably already know our inventory is very extensive and complete, we cover almost every single aspect of health and well being, providing not only one, but several options to our customers so they have the capability of choosing precisely what they need. Additionally, we make sure that all the items in our online store are of the best possible quality, so satisfaction is guaranteed.

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This special promotion does not require any special conditions to be met or for you to enter a coupon code. All that needs to be done is simple, just place an order in our online store that is over $150 and the discount will be done automatically. That is it! This offer contemplates and includes all the items in our inventory, so you can go ahead and take advantage of it. Also, you can place all the orders you want to get this promotion during the time it is active. Pleas be aware that it will expire at Sunday December 28th.

*Cannot be combined with any other Coupon Codes or Promotion                                           

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