New Special Offer for the SoundCare Plus!

sound care plus

Discount medical supplies is happy and pleased to announce the new, very special offer for the SoundCare Plus Ultrasound Unit. Starting this Monday June 16th, when you make your purchase for this device on our store you can have $100 off your order by entering the very special coupon code “SOUND” at checkout! This very special offer is a great opportunity for you to enhance your practice with this very special and valuable device.

The Sound CarePlus is a professional Ultrasound device with the particularity that it was designed by clinicians and for clinicians. This device is made aiming to make the ultrasound therapy easy and convenient for both the professional and the patient. It comes with two sound heads, 1 cm and 5 cm, that are both plugged into the device at the same time. The therapist can switch from wand to wand with just a press of a button. It is extremely versatile and complete as it has 20 presets fully adjustable to fit what the therapist requires for the patient. It includes the stimulator, lead wires, an AC adapter, and a plastic carrying case (the unit is fully portable). Ultrasound therapy provides advanced relief using sonic stimulation of soft tissue cells.

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In order for you to take advantage of this very special offer what you need to do is simply enter the coupon code “SOUND” during checkout when placing your order for the SoundCare Plus Ultrasound Unit. You will get $100 off your final purchase. This special offer is for a limited time only as it starts of Monday June 16th and it Expires on Sunday June 22nd.

Enhance your practice and provide the amazing benefits of Ultrasound therapy. Take advantage of this very special offer and get the SoundCare Plus Ultrasound Unit today with a special discount of $100 off your purchase.