Pneu Neck Promotion for Practitioners

A traction device, such as the Pneu Neck II Portable Pneumatic Cervical Collar, have become very popular in time as one of the best solutions to help with spinal decompression.  They have become a great tool to fight headaches, pinched nerves, irritated joints, stiff muscles on the neck and more.

As it is one of our bestsellers here at Discount Medical Supplies, we have decided to put this great product on promotion status throughout the week for our practitioner customers. For this week the Pneu Neck II will have a 20% discount.  

The Pneu Neck II slowly inflates to gently stretch the user’s neck and work on alleviating the muscles on the neck. This will also result in the less tension headaches and freed pinched nerves.   It is ideal for travelling or when you are on the road away from home.

To apply for this promotion all you have to do is order the Pneu Neck II and on the checkout process use the coupon code “Pneumatic”

*Cannot be combined with any other Coupon Codes or Promotion

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