Post Christmas Sales!

christmas sales

Ready for some more sales? Forgot to get something because of the holidays? In need of some medical supplies ASAP? Discount Medical Supplies has got you covered, but we are ready to do you one better.  We are exclusively offering a 20% of your orders over $100 in purchases made to our online store. Yes, that’s a 20% discount that you can take advantage of. Who say’s only Christmas is the time for giving?

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Discount Medical Supplies has the mission of being your supplier of medical supplies, giving you the best service and the highest quality product at the lowest prices. We continue to provide you with promotions and specials every week with the intention to make these supplies more affordable for our customers. We value and appreciate you choosing us as your supplier, and we try to show our appreciation in ways that we know you will truly take benefit from. That is why week after week we are glad to release new specials and deals. Also, we are every day entering new products in our online store to offer a wide and complete variety of items for personal care and the care of your loved ones.

In order to get this special deal all that needs to be done is for you to place an order in our online store that is over $100. Our system will automatically award your order with a 20% discount. You will be able to place as many orders under this promotion, but please be aware that it will expire on Sunday January 4th. We kindly invite you to check all our categories and verify for yourself that we have an extensive catalogue of items

*Cannot be combined with any other Coupon Codes or Promotion                                           

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