New Promotion at Discount Medical Supplies!

Discount Medical Supplies is bringing a brand new deal for its registered practitioners, physicians and doctors. This week, starting on Monday October 26th, we will be giving you a fantastic 15% discount on order over $150 on specially selected product categories. This is a sale that you will want to be a part of! 

In this week’s promotion we are offering a discounted price on all our exam gloves, wound care supplies, catheters and urology supplies, and orthopedic supports and braces. This great new deal, exclusive for all our registered practitioner and physician customers, continues with the commitment that Discount Medical Supplies has with its customers of always providing the absolute lowest prices on the web. 

If you wish to get this brand new promotion, all that you must do is very simple. First make sure that you have a registered account with Discount Medical Supplies (get one if you don’t), then place an order that includes products from any of the aforementioned categories. Make sure that the order you are placing is over $150. That’s it! It is very easy to get. We will give you a 15% discount! Please be advised that this promotion is for a limited time only as it will expire on Sunday November 1st. Use coupon code FALL2 .

*Cannot be combined with any other Coupon Codes or Promotion

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