This promotion takes care of you and the ones you love!

This week’s promotion for patients could interest caregivers, their loved ones or anyone suffering from hypertension or diabetes.  From today and until next Sunday, we will have a few of our most important products on sale. They will all be having a 15% discount for your benefit!

Here are the selected products:

Embrace Talking Meter, Results in 6 Sec by Omnis Health

Embrace Blood Glucose Test Strip by Omnis Health - Box of 50

T.E.D. Knee-high Anti-embolism Stockings, Regular by Covidien

Monoject SoftPack Insulin Syringes by Covidien - Box of 100

So now you know, from today July 11th to July 17th these products will have a 15% off when you decide to purchase them. All you have to do is use coupon code “embrace” at the checkout process and the discount will be automatically added to the order.


*Cannot be combined with any other Coupon Codes or Promotion

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