Quattro 2.5 on a very special sale!

quattro 2.5

For a limited time, discount medical supplies is offering a very special coupon discount for the very popular Combo Unit Quattro 2.5. From this coming Monday June 16th the Quattro 2.5 will have a special discount of $50 off its listed price. To access this very special deal what you need to do is enter the coupon code “Quattro” during checkout.

The Quattro 2.5 is one of the most popular combo units available on the market among professional physicians. It is a unit specially designed for both clinical care and portable use, for the professionals that are constantly moving. The device it self is very easy to operate, however it doers offer a large range of therapy settings. It features a very advanced and complete operating system that makes it stand out from its competitors. It has four channels and output waveforms in IF 4-Pole, IF 2-Pole, Russian, Electric muscle Stimulator and TENS format. Also it has several different amplitude modulation options available.

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The Quattro 2.5 comes with four open channels, a large LCD display, 50 different presets (10 for every waveform), user-defined memory positions for user protocols, a sleek design that allows for it to be used on a table top but  easily maneuverable for portable use, eight sets of electrodes, eight sets of rubber electrodes with sponges, eight straps and four sets of lead wires. This is by far, one of the most complete combo units available.

To get this very special offer, enter the special coupon code “QUATTRO” during checkout when you are buying this unit. You will be getting a total of $50 off your purchase. This special offer is for a limited time only as it expires on Sunday June 22nd. Take your practice to the next level with the best in Electrotherapy. Place your order today!