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Tis the season here at Discount Medical Supplies and we are happy to keep on giving our loyal customers the best possible deals. This week we are releasing a very special promotion exclusively aimed to our doctor and practitioner customers. We are offering an unbeatable 20% discount on all orders over $150, for any of the items included in our online store. We keep on giving these exclusive promotions to show our appreciation to all our customers in this special holiday season.

Discount Medical Supplies has all the supplies that any doctor could use on their practice or consulting room. For private practices or even large clinics we have the supplies that you need to be able to keep providing your services to your patients. We have all sorts of tools and supplies, so you are more than welcomed to go ahead and explore the different possibilities that we hold for you. Furthermore, rest assured that our listed prices are the absolute lowest possible and that all our products are all from the highest possible quality. But, with our constant promotions and discounts we want to go even further down.

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To get this promotion all that you need to do is very simple, just place an order on our online store for over $150 and that will be it. Your order will then receive a 20% discount by our system automatically. You can place as many orders as you like or include any of the items in our catalogue, so take your time and place your order with everything you need. Please be aware that this offer expires next Sunday December 21st.

*Cannot be combined with any other Coupon Codes or Promotion                                          

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