Sleep tight, don’t let the neck pain bite!

Nothing beats a good night’s deep sleep. However, no matter how cozy and warm you are when you hit the sack, you won’t be 100% comfy until you have the right pillow.  Pillows can determine the rest of our day.  A good pillow is able to align your neck and your spine through the night allowing you to feel great next morning.  Then your spine structure is out of alignment, you may suffer from bad headaches, back pain, fatigue and more.

This week we are promoting sleep, rest and good health with our newest promotion!  From July 25th to July 31st all pillows will have a 15% discount!  If you have tried everything but changing your pillow and you still wake up with a headache then this is the time for you to order the appropriate one.  It is time for you to sleep your way back to health.

Our wide variety of pillows are made of comfortable materials and  indentations to provide the best support and trigger all the health benefits you expect to get out of them. To get this promotion all you have to do is use the coupon code “sleep” at the checkout process and automatically the 15% discount will be applied on your purchase. 


*Cannot be combined with any other Coupon Codes or Promotion

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