Special Diagnostic Products Week Sale!

Diagnostic supplies

As Summer is close to an end and it is time for your practice to stock up on all diagnostic products. During this week all diagnostic products will have a 10% off discount. This great opportunity will allow you to chose from any our of diagnostic products and have it at a very special discounted price.  By using the special coupon code “DIAGNOSTIC”, Discount Medical Supplies will give you a 10% discount on all the diagnostics products included in your order above $200.

Diagnostic tools are extremely helpful and useful for any physician, and caregiver. They allow for them to get the proper information they need from patients, in order to help them monitor their symptoms and check for their current status. Amongst the items that we offer in our diagnostics products we have Blood Pressure Monitors, Stethoscopes, Heart Rate Monitors, Pulse Oxymeters, Dynamometers, Thermometers, Scales, Body Fat Analyzers, Pen Lights, Tongue Depressors, Cholesterol Tests, Fitness Monitors, Ophthalmoscope, Otoscopes and many more. Discount Medical Supplies has all the supplies you might need in order to update and enhance your practice.

In order to take advantage of this special deal, when you are placing your order, at checkout enter the coupon code “DIAGNOSTIC”, on all order over $200. That will give you a 10% special discount on your order. And that’s it, is that simple. Also, if you place this order, by company policy you might also get free shipping* on your order (check our shipping policies here). Act now as this very special offer is only for a limited time. This offer starts Monday July 28th and it Expires on Sunday August 3rd, so go ahead and place your order today!

We kindly invite you to check the very large selection of diagnostic products in our catalogue you can choose from.