Stop Back Pain Now! 10% Off on Back & Abdominal support products


Do you suffer from constant back and abdominal pain? Are you shopping for a good and steady support? You’ve come to the right place. Discount Medical supplies has a large variety of Back & Abdominal Support products to suit your needs. But also for this week only we are also offering a very awesome promotion, ideal for you. In any order over $75 that includes at least one Back & Abdominal Support Product qualifies to get a 10% discount on the price listed for those items by using the coupon code “PAINFREE”.

Ever since their inception onto the collective conscience, Back supports and Abdominal Support belts have been a go-to solution for people who deal with pain on a daily levels for different reasons. Pain caused by ailments and injuries of all kinds have been relieved by the use of one of these products. It is an easy, drug free alternative to help withstand pain, and allow people to carry-on with their normal lives. Our catalogue includes belts, supports and clavicle straps that can help you power through the pain and go back to normal.


What you need to do to get this promotion is extremely easy. First make sure you place one of these products, on your cart and that your order is above $75. When in the check out process enter the coupon code “PAINFREE” in the requested field and that is it. You will get 10% off on any Back and Abdominal Support items in your order. This offer is for a limited time only as it starts on August 18th and it runs until August 24th, so go right ahead and place your order today!

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