End of Summer Promotion! Back to School!

It’s that time of the year when parents have mixed emotions of sending their kids back to school.  There’s the happy feeling of getting personal time back, the sad feeling of missing them and last but not least, the concerned feeling of their health being affected.  It is no surprise that when kids go back to school there is an increase of viruses and accidents.  For this reason, Discount Medical Supplies is having a brand new promotion to take care of your children while they learn!

This week you can take advantage of a 10% discount on all orders over $75. We have important products that will back you up and make sure your kids go to school safely.  A First Aid Kit is always important to have around not only at home but also in the classroom. Kids are in constant movement making them prone to accidents. Another product that parents should always consider is the Alcohol Gel Hand Sanitizer. Teach your kids to always keep one in their backpack and to use it constantly. Also, having a thermometer around is extremely important in case you see flu or virus like symptoms when your kids start school.  If you detect an irregular temperature you can quickly take action and avoid them getting more sick or getting others sick in their classroom.

There are countless other products that will come in handy now that you children are going back to school, so go ahead and look into our catalog for more options. Use coupon code “BACKTOSCHOOL” at the checkout process and instantly get the discount!

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