Time To Re-Order Your Medical Supplies

Now that you have enjoyed the pain management wonders of a TENS unit, the time has come for you to re-order some accessories that will keep your device as good as new.  Remember that a pack of electrodes can last approximately 1 week when the unit is used 2-3 times a day.  After a week, electrodes will start to lose their adhesive and conductive properties so replacing them in time will benefit you with an effective electrotherapy. 

The battery on your TENS unit will eventually run out so be prepared with a few 9V Heavy Duty Standard Batteries or a good rechargeable battery and charger. Having an extra pair of lead wires does not hurt you either.  SubZero pain relieving gel will come in handy to extend the pain relief after each electrotherapy session.  Sub Zero will target arthritis pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, painful joints, and contracted muscles.

Call us today or re-order online to keep your TENS unit performing at its BEST!