A Very Special Sale for ALL Incontinence products!

Incontinence products

Continuing our efforts to provide the best possible deals for all our customers, Discount Medical Supplies is happy to announce a special sale on ALL our incontinence products. Yes you read that right, ALL our incontinence products. With the special coupon code “INCONTINENCE”, on all over $50 we will gladly give you a 10% discount on all your incontinence related products. 

People who suffer from incontinence and those who care for people with this condition know and can attest that having enough supplies to deal with the condition is a essential. Also taking into consideration that pretty much all incontinence products are disposable, having an enough supply of them, will really give some much sought after peace of mind.

You might be wondering, what products are regarded as “Incontinence products”? In this very special sale we are including all Bed Pads and Underpads/Mattress protectors, also we are including Bedwtting Alarms, room deodorizers, as well as urinals and bedpans. But the core of the products this promotion is aimed for are adult pads, undergarments, children and adult diapers, female hygiene garments, adult briefs, washcloths and wipes, and adult protective underwear. We are hoping that with this special deal that our customers that are caring for or dealing themselves with incontinence will be able to stock on all the supplies they will need.

In order to take advantage of this very special deal what you will need to do is enter the special code “INCONTINENCE” whenever you are ready to place your order. This will automatically award you a 10% on all the incontinence products that you include in your cart when checking out. The order you place must be at least $50 to get this promotion and it is for a limited time only. This offer starts June 23rd and it will expire on June 29th