A Week Long sale of Diagnostic Supplies!

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Announcing our special weekly sale at Discount Medical Supplies, this week we are having a 10% discount offer for all our Diagnostic Supplies in orders of minimum $100. That’s for all the items that can be found in this page. All week long you will be able to get any of these items at the absolute lowest prices available. This promotion is exclusive for our practitioner and physician customers who are looking to restock on any of these supplies.

In our everlasting commitment to always provide our customers with the best possible products at the absolute lowest possible price, we are constantly offering attractive deals on a weekly basis. Discount Medical Supplies constantly seeks to give our practitioner and physician customers direct access to the best tools available for them to fulfill their duties. That is way week after week we present a brand new deal for selected items in our store. This week we have a great new promotion that could be of great use for up and starting doctors or doctors looking to renovate their inventory.

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To get this new deal what you need to do is place an order in our online store for any of our Diagnostic Supplies on any order over $100. Our system will them will automatically award you with a 10% discount. Make sure that you place an order with plenty of the items included in this selection to maximize the savings on this deal. Furthermore, this offer contemplates Blood Pressure Monitors, Stethoscopes, Heart Rate Monitors, Thermometers, among many others. Please be advised that this deal is for a limited time only and it will expire this coming Sunday December 14th.

*Cannot be combined with any other Coupon Codes or Promotion                                              

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