A Weekend Madness sale of DIABETIC METERS!

Weekend Madness Sale

Discount Medical Supplies is very happy to unveil our latest installment of weekend savings for all our customers. We are having 48-hours of unbeatable prices and madness. This weekend our entire inventory of Diabetic Meters, or better known as Glucose Meters, will have a very special discount only available for our registered customers. We will be giving out a 10% discount on all our glucose meters, with no minimum purchase required. This is an excellent opportunity to get the supplies you need without paying extra.

In our online store we have a massive variety of different supplies designed for the care and handling of diabetes. Among this category of items, we have a considerable selection of Glucose and Diabetic Meters for your choosing. Our inventory contains meters and monitoring systems from the top manufacturers of all the different brands that you know and trust. When dealing with this disease it is of the highest importance to make adjustments to our daily life and to keep track of our blood sugar levels daily, that is why it is of an enormous help to have a glucose meter to help you keep track and monitor your levels.

This very exceptional promotion will be active only for this weekend starting on Saturday March 7th and it will expire on Sunday March 8th. It will be a 10% discount for all our entire inventory of Diabetic Supplies or Glucose meters, and is available for all our registered customers. There is no minimum purchase required to be able to get this offer.  Go ahead and browse among the different options of Diabetic Meters we have at your disposal. If you have any questions regarding any of these products or this particular promotion, please feel free to contact our Customer Service Line.

*Cannot be combined with any other Coupon Codes or Promotion

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