A Weeklong sale of all Pediatric Supplies


If you are seeking to purchase Pediatric supplies, this is the news you have been waiting to hear. For the first week of March starting on Monday March 2nd, Discount Medical Supplies is offering a very special discount for all pediatric supplies. If you place an order for pediatric supplies for over $100, we will give you a 10% discount. All the items included in our pediatric supplies category apply for this great new promotion. Get all the brands you trust from a company who cares!

As parents, we understand and empathize with our customers who are in need of these types of supplies. We know that your child’s well being is a top priority and that you wish to provide them with only the best possible care. That is why Discount Medical Supplies offers time after time specials and discounts that all our customers can benefit from. In this case we are focusing on providing an opportunity for all our customers who are in need of Pediatric Supplies. We are taking our top quality items and driving their prices all the way down.

This special promotion will be available to you starting this Monday March 2nd and it will be active until Sunday March 8th. All you will have to do is place an order of any of our Pediatric Supplies products, and make sure that your order is over $100. We will give you a 10% on your order. It is that simple. During the time this promotion is active you will be able to place as much orders as you need, however we strongly recommend that you place your order all at once.

*Cannot be combined with any other Coupon Codes or Promotion

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