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To keep the Stoma opening safe and secure, Ostomy Stoma Caps are important devices that help to keep the stoma closed, tightly secure from any outside contaminants. The caps adapt to the different types of Ostomy pouches and they are designed for discreet situations. They are secure locking systems that at all times help to keep the stoma safe. These Ostomy stoma caps Supplies help to lock into the Ostomy pouch, but at the same time they help to protect the skin, and serve as an odor barrier. The manufacturers of these items made them with comfort and discreetness in mind. All of them are made to keep Please be advised that the items in this catalogue are designed to fit for the same brand’s Ostomy bag.

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CenterPointLock Stoma Cap, Filter, Odor-Barrier - Box of 25 - 50340

CenterPointLock Stoma Cap by Hollister

MSRP: $ 99.99 Starting at: $53.99 $53.99 Save up to 46%
Assura Two-Piece Stoma Cap with Skin Barrier and Filter, 1/2" to 2" by Coloplast - Box of 30 - 622803
Hollister Contour I 4" Stoma Cap with Flat SoftFlex Skin Barrier 1-15/16" - Box of 30 - 501796
Stomocur One-Piece Mini Cap with Wafer and Filter, Pre-Cut 30mm by For Life GMBH - Package of 30 - INCCM3630S
Cymed Stoma Cap with Charcoal Filter - Box of 15 - 9325645

Cymed Inc Stoma Cap with Charcoal Filter - Box of 15

MSRP: $ 159.6 Starting at: $80.25 $80.25 Save up to 50%
ActiveLife One-Piece 3/4" to 2" Cut-to-Fit Stoma Cap with Filter by Convatec - Box of 30 - 51175611

6 Item(s)

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