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Suction Catheters

The suction catheter supplies are a versatile aid for airway suctioning and tracheotomy care management. Simply connect the catheter to an aspirator or suctioning machine and then the other end to the trach tube which then will help you extract any secretions of body fluids. Keep the airways free from clogging and clean with the right set of suction catheter products.

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ReliaMed Coil Packed Suction Catheter - Each - ZRSC

Coil Packed Suction Catheter by ReliaMed Misc

MSRP: $ 3.25 Starting at: $0.64 Save up to 80%
Suction Catheter with Safe-T-Vacâ„¢ Valve, Staggered Eye - 6831020

Kendall Suction Catheter with Safe-T-Vac by Covidien

MSRP: $ 1.75 Starting at: $0.99 Save up to 43%
CareFusion Suction Catheter, Singles - 55T264C

CareFusion Suction Catheter by Cardinal Health - Singles

MSRP: $ 1.99 Starting at: $0.99 Save up to 50%
Suction Catheter Kit 8Fr with Contro-vac Valve, Pair of Vinyl Gloves - 6040988

8Fr Suction Catheter Kit

MSRP: $ 1.68 Starting at: $1.13 Save up to 33%
Suction Catheter Kit 10 fr - 6040980

10 fr. Suction Catheter Kit

MSRP: $ 1.94 Starting at: $1.27 Save up to 35%
Open Suction Catheter Kit, Straight Packed, 12 fr - 60DYND40701F

Open Suction Catheter Kit

MSRP: $ 3.76 Starting at: $2.51 Save up to 33%
Bronchial Suction Latex Catheter with Thumb Valve, Singles - 570109120

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