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Patient Care Products

Discount patient care products are extremely popular because we need them and use them every single day. Perhaps used by some people more than others, however the bottom line is that we can't go without natural patient care products in our lives. We carry quality products for foot care, hemorrhoid relief, hygiene, infection control, oral care, skin care, relaxation, and more. You will also be able to find needles and syringes, personal protection gear, pillows and cushions, infusion IV supplies and many other accessories that will come in handy. Discount Medical Supplies has discount patient care products with prices that you would never imagine. Thanks to our price match guarantee, we are able to get you the best deal.

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Glucose Dex4 - 50632700

Dex4 Glucose Tablet Orange by Independence Medical

MSRP: $ 10.15 Starting at: $7.00 $7 Save up to 31%
Memory Foam Coccyx Seat Cushion 2" H x 18" x 16" D - ISGCSC

Memory Foam Coccyx Seat Cushion 2" H x 18" x 16" D

MSRP: $ 55.94 Starting at: $28.99 $28.99 Save up to 48%
Absolute Cushion, Polyurethane Foam - Each - INVEC

Absolute Cushion, Polyurethane Foam by Invacare Corporation

MSRP: $ 68.52 Starting at: $44.54 $44.54 Save up to 35%
Single Density Cushion - Each - INVSDW

Single Density Cushion - Each

MSRP: $ 105.26 Starting at: $72.34 $72.34 Save up to 31%
Invacare Matrx Comfort-mate Extra Cushion, Polyurethane Foam - Each - INVCMEXW

Matrx Comfort-mate Extra Cushion by Invacare Corporation

MSRP: $ 155.25 Starting at: $90.91 $90.91 Save up to 41%
Mini Transfer Pin with NuSite Two-way Valve, For Aspiration of Medication - Box of 100 - ISGPDP124

6 Item(s)

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