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After a cut or even a rash, it's always good to blend in some hygiene along with infection control supplies. Discount Medical Supplies sells everything you need for infection control. The enviornment may result hazardous to wounds, wheather superficial or deep, making them prone to dangerous infections. For this reason we sell antiseptic hydrogen perozide, germicidial solutions, ispropyl alcohol, prep solutions, disinfectan wipes to kill microbes and germs and so much more. Please step into our infection control supplies category and see for yourself that in times like these where viruses and diseases are getting violent, we have all you need to be prepared.

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Medegen Infectious Waste Bag Printed - Infectious Waste Bag

Medegen Infectious Waste Bag Printed

MSRP: $ 0.9 Starting at: $0.45 $0.45 Save up to 50%
PDI Hygea BZK Antiseptic Towelette, 7” x 5-1/2” by Nice Pak Products - Box of 100
Medegen Biohazard Bag - KI

Medegen Biohazard Bag

MSRP: $ 70.49 Starting at: $41.25 $41.25 Save up to 41%

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