Federal Law (U.S.) restricts the sale of electrotherapy devices to or by the order of a Licensed physician. In accordance with U.S. Federal Law, a prescription is a required to purchase a TENS, EMS, Interferential, Microcurrent, or Ultrasound unit if you are a patient ordering in the U.S. (Electrodes and accessories do not require a prescription). There are certain instances when a TENS unit or other electrotherapy device should not be used, which is why a prescription is necessary from your Physician.   Electrotherapy devices should not be used if you are wearing a cardiac pacemaker, have any types of Heart Conditions, or being pregnant except under the advice of a physician.Prescription Form (U.S. orders only)

Please have your healthcare provider (Medical Doctor, Chiropractor, Podiatrist, Nurse Practitioner, Physicians Assistant, Ph. D., Physical Therapist, Doctor of Acupuncture, or Doctor of Osteopathy) use his/her own script pad and mail or fax your prescription to Discount Medical Supplies. (Fax#: 1-877-806-8640).

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