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What is Hyperventilation Syndrome and how is it Treated?

Submitted by Stephanie Arroyo on 16:01

Hyperventilation syndrome is a respiratory phenomenon characterized by rapid or deep breathing. It usually appears in people suffering from panic attacks among other causes. As the respiratory rate increases, the person begins to breathe only through the lungs in a quick and short way instead of slow and deep breathing using the diaphragm.

Just How Dangerous is Stress for Humans?

Submitted by Stephanie Arroyo on 13:30

We often refer to stress in a very unspecific way. For this reason, we put all our discomforts (mental and physical) in the same bag. The label can be accurate but leads to forgetting the true negative effects of stress on the body.

15% Discount on our Memorial Day Special

Submitted by Stephanie Arroyo on 11:59

Memorial Day is a day to remember and honor those who have fallen in military service. Just as flags are flown at half staff, prices at DMS also go down in remembrance of all those brave women and men.  Discount Medical Supplies wants to celebrate this day with a very special Discount!

Why is the Intestinal Flora so Important?

Submitted by Stephanie Arroyo on 17:42

There are many articles and a lot of information online and on medical magazines that focus on taking care of our intestinal flora. But why is it so important?Yogurt advertisement is also constantly telling us to take care of our intestinal flora. But, it is possible, that we do not give it the necessary importance? We are used to hearing words like probiotics and prebiotics. But what are they really?

Women’s Health Category with a Great Discount

Submitted by Stephanie Arroyo on 17:48

Women are valuable and brave. We all have mothers, daughters, sisters, grandmothers, aunts, cousins and friends who we cherish and love. This week DMS is honoring all the women in our lives with a spectacular promotion for women. This is a great opportunity to care for your female loved one or for yourself if you are a woman.

First thing’s First: Importance of the First Aid Kit

Submitted by Stephanie Arroyo on 16:07

There are things that we definitely cannot prevent.  Although we try to be careful and safe on a day to day basis, the truth is that accidents always occur and the only thing we can do is to be prepared. Now, what does it mean to be prepared? At the very least, we must have a fist aid kit at home, work and school always available and filled with the necessary medical supplies.

5 Consequences of Over Exercising

Submitted by Stephanie Arroyo on 12:33

Practicing exercise is a very good thing. It keeps our body in shape, away from worries and stress, combats depression, and helps us lose weight. However, there are some consequences of doing too much physical exercise that we should all know about.

How to Stimulate the Growth of our Hair Quickly

Submitted by Stephanie Arroyo on 11:41

Desiring a long, abundant, strong and bright hair is very common, but for some people it is even more difficult to achieve that goal for various reasons. One of those reasons is that not enough importance is given to the topic.

Why do Our Ears Produce Ear Wax?

Submitted by Stephanie Arroyo on 15:52

Ear wax is synthesized in the external auditory canal by specialized glands in the area. As a general rule, its composition includes oils but it is also formed by keratinocytes. It is dead epithelial cells. They may also contain other chemicals.

15% Off on ALL Mobility Aid Products

Submitted by Stephanie Arroyo on 10:09

Here we go again! With a very popular promo that we tend to repeat every now and then.  This week, when you purchase from our Mobility Aids Category you will be able to get a 15% discount on your order! This is promo is one of our favorites because we have seen how much our clients ask for it to keep coming back and we want to comply with those special wishes.